BLUEAQUAEDU : Blue Career Centre for Aquaculture Education

supported by a gamification approach and distance learning platform

The EMFAF project BlueAquaEdu will enhance digital, green, soft, transversal, inter-/multi-disciplinary, managerial, entrepreneurial and project management skills of the next generation Aquaculture graduates. It will fill in the gaps of lack of structured, continued collaboration between industry and educational/ VET institutions and lack of “skills ecosystems” at sea basin level bringing together education, industry and public authorities.

BlueAquaEdu Team
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 Lamar Fish farm

Development of the distance learning e-Platform of BlueAquaEdu

A digital platform will be developed for hosting all the innovative face to face and digital training/mentoring tools, modules and material for the selected industries of aquaculture, post-harvesting value chain and valorisation of the processing byproducts and the respective competent teachers/mentors/lecturers.


The objectives of BlueAquaEdu include…

Gamification application aquaculture

Develop a Gamification Application for cages and recirculating aquaculture system technologies and 5 fish species.

Enhance and promote the digital learning experience for students by integrating game mechanics and techniques elements, with real-life events and environments, to make the content stimulating to achieve the set objectives.

Programs aquaculture

Develop 5 common training programs for aquaculture (cage farming, hatcheries, RAS), the post-harvesting value chain and valorisation of processing by-products.

Define, analyze and provide detailed specializations for the development of relevant common training programs.

Mentors blue economy

Attract skilled mentors with practical experience in selected sectors.

Guide, support and inspire students towards careers in the Blue Economy by relying on the skills and capabilities of mentors.


A serious game in favor of the education

Available soon

BlueAquaEdu is a single player resource management mobile game where players start with a small non-eco friendly fish farm and work to upgrade it to the best possible eco-friendly farm. The goal of the game is to reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. The game will focus on educating players on how to manage a farm with the lowest pollution and best solutions for organic fish farms.

Key figures

The key figures of the BlueAquaEdu project

Common training/mentoring theme

will be developed for aquaculture (cage farming, hatcheries, RAS) as well as 1 for the post-harvesting value chain and 1 for the valorisation of the processing by-products (5 in total)


30 in Greece, 30 in France, 20 in Portugal and 80 from other EU, EU Outermost regions and non EU Countries from the Mediterranean Sea

BlueAquaEdu e-platform created

Students/individual beneficiaries

to be reached with the tools developed during the project.

Months of project duration


Thousand European Commission funding