The BLUEAQUAEDU consortium is a solid platform of experts with skills ranging from aquaculture, to teaching, to IT development.

The multidisciplinary consortium is made up of 8 partners with complementary skills, enabling the project’s actions to be developed.

Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)

The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA)

AUA is the third oldest University in Greece, founded in 1920, it is a Member of the European University EU CONEXUS and serves agricultural sciences producing high quality graduates as well as scientific knowledge through basic and applied research. It consists of six schools. In the BlueAquaEdu participates the School of Animal Biosciences, Department of Animal Science, Laboratory of Applied Hydrobiology. Its research activity focuses on the study of aquatic organisms, in terms of husbandry, ethology, physiology and ecology.



AQUIMER is a cluster specialising in adding value to aquatic products. The cluster helps companies in the aquatic products sector to develop and innovate with a view to sustainable development. Professionals are supported, individually or collectively, in projects of regional, national and European scope. AQUIMER is the leader of the BLUEAQUAEDU communication work package.


Guyane Développement Innovation (GDI)

The agency Guyane Développement Innovation serves the French Guyanese economy, its sectors and its businesses. It acts within the framework of the regional innovation strategy, which it helps to implement by bringing together a network of players and experts, using tools such as the innovative business incubator and its FabLab called NumLab.


About Innovasea

Fueled by leading-edge technology and a passion for research and development, Innovasea is revolutionizing aquaculture and advancing the science of fish tracking to make our oceans and freshwater ecosystems sustainable for future generations. With 300 employees worldwide, Innovasea provides complete solutions for fish farming and research on aquatic species.


Lamar SA

LAMAR S.A is a small scale open water net pen Mediterranean fin-fish farm located in the Island of Rhodes. LAMAR S.A produces meagre, sea bream, sea bass and red bream in ideal, highly dynamic conditions. As a small-scale farm LAMAR is diversifying production by investing in Education, and ecotourism activities.

MINDS Technologies & Environmental Sciences PC (MINDS)

MINDS Technologies & Environmental Sciences PC (MINDS)

MINDS is a newly established spin-off company of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR). It utilizes, improves, upgrades, evolves and develops new tools, techniques, methodologies and products – services related to the protection of aquatic ecosystems (marine and inland waters) from pollution, with emphasis on plastic and marine litter collection technologies.



Founded in 2006 as a spin-off company of the University of Athens, is a research-intensive Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise. With a competitive team of experienced researchers and programmers, MOBICS specializes in developing novel technology for various application domains, with a focus on designing, developing, and providing innovative applications and value-added services for mobile and web environments.



SEAentia is an aquaculture startup that grows corvina in a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). This system allows us to control the growth parameters, improve zootechnical performance and provide the best animal welfare possible, without using any chemicals or antibiotics. The result is a fish that sets the standards for biosecurity and sustainability.