BlueAquaEdu project launch meeting

The new Blue Careers EU project “BlueAquaEdu” entitled “Blue Career Centre for Aquaculture Education supported by a gamification approach and distance learning platform” had the kick-off meeting in October 9-11, 2023, in the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece.

BLUEAQUAEDU explores gamification as a pedagogic approach to engage & motivate teenagers (15-18) and students (18+) in aquaculture, post-harvesting value chain and valorisation of the processing by-products sectors education.

The Objectives include:

  • Develop a Gamification Application for cages and recirculating aquaculture system technologies and 5 fish species.
  • Develop 5 common training programs for aquaculture (cage farming, hatcheries, RAS), the post-harvesting value chain and valorisation of processing by-products.
  • Attract competent Mentors with hands-on experience in the selected sectors. Establish a virtual Aquaculture Educational Network (v-AquaEduN) that will cover a wide geographical area in Europe, EU Outermost Regions, Med non-EU Countries and Africa.
  • Develop a Sharing-Pooling e-Platform for Mentoring.
  • Organisation of Workshops, Summer Schools and Apprenticeships.

The partners of BlueAquaEdu include the Agricultural University of Athens AUA OFC (AUA, Athens, Greece; Coordinator), PÔLE AQUIMER (Boulogne-sur-Mer, France), LAMAR S.A. (Rhodes, Greece), MINDS Technologies & Environmental Sciences PC (Lavrio, Greece), Mobics S.A. (Athens, Greece), Innovasea (Corinth, Greece), GDI – Guyane Développement Innovation (GDI, French Guiana) and SEAentia (SEAentia, Portugal).